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- Hello, Shadow There is an NPC on Dats Center called Digitamamon, You can use Data of Overload with him, as trading material to fuse an item called Cube of Overload, when you scan that item it gives. When used, the Digimon's scale will be resized to a random value between 121.00 130.00. Login Page has been changed to Susanoomon's theme. Cash Shop : For 5 Ticket (For GameKing User) 10 Crown, (For Aeria Games User) 100 AP When you scan Ticket to Miracle Accessary, you will gain next level of Ticket to Miracle Accessary. You can exchange 'Miracle Necklace Level 10' and 'Aural Necklace of Baihumon' to 'Miracle NecklaceSpecial' Ticket to Miracle Accessary and Accessary items that exchanged are untradable. Reward ' Birthday Celebration Box ' x 1 Let's get those 'Gold Pumpkin's!

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- Riding Mode of TyrantKabuterimon has been added. Riding Mode of BanchouLeomon has been added. You may now obtain Data of Overload from scanning any Burst Mode items. When used, the Digimon's scale will be resized to a random value between.00 130.00. Contents, new Fruits for Hybrid Digimon, new 3 Kind of Fruit only for Hybrid Digimon have been added. Go to Dats Center and Meet 'MudFrigimon' to accept the event quest of 'Twelve heavenly Generals October complete the quest and achieve the title of 'Vikaralamon of October'.

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- From Digimon Masters Online Wiki - DMO Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search Digimon. 5th Anniversary of Digimon Masters Online! (Except Digi-Egg that gain from Event) Riding Modes TyranCabuterimon Riding Mode for the TyrantCabuterimon has been updated. Details : Special Item Reward to 5 Tamers who collect most largest number of 'Birthday Celebration Trophy' in end of the Event.

Special Item is Rewarded to 5 Tamers who collect the most 'Birthday Celebration Trophy' in end of the Event. 'Reinforced Digiclone items are also obtainable by a certain chance! 'Miracle Ring Level 10' item from event of Joymax is not exchangable. The site may not work properly if you don't update your browser! Giving a Reward is reset in every. Gotcha Digimon Go and find out the Area that available to summon the Digimon! Digitamon is an NPC responsible for production items. Event For Spirit Evolution Digimon. You can buy 'ModeSelector in Cash Shop. Reward MysteryMercenary DigiEgg Level 5 x 1 5) Quest.5 Celebration for 5th Anniversary! Spirit Accelerator x 50ea, jogress Chip 1 day Box x 1ea / untradeable. Server disconnection issues when experiencing troubles loading a map has been fixed. ' 3' New Kinds of Fruit Items Only for Hybrid Digimons Fruit of Champion only for Hybrid Digimons : Fruit that contains the powers of the 10 Legendary Warriors. System Updates for Celebrating 5th Anniversary! Details, lucemon Falldown Mode will appear in any field in all maps randomly during the Event period. Character Selection screen and Character Creation screen has been updated. Unused 'Text Box' and 'Text' items will expire when the event ends. Data of Overload : A necessary source item for 'Cube of Overload' that can be obtained by scanning a Burst Mode item. Hold or Summon the Susanoomon to Get Event Quest.

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